Pharmacy Tech

MULTI-DAY CLASS / Textbook $59

The Pharmacy Technician course is designed to prepare students to assist and support licensed pharmacists in providing health care and medications to patients. Students will obtain a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice, and Pharmacy Law skilled in the techniques required to order, stock, package, prepare and dispense medications under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. There will be a research project to complete during week 5 and 6 of the class duration. You will be required to pass your Breath of Fresh Air final exam with an 80% in order to successfully complete this class. Classroom Materials and Supplies included.

Certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course. Student will be eligible to apply for the national (ExCPT/PTCB) or state (Virginia) examination.

Prerequisites: No High School Diploma required for State Examination
Additional Requirements: Recommended that participants be Medication Aide (32hr or 68hr)

Certification Years: State Exam & License Renewal per Virginia Board of Pharmacy *Cost Not included...
National Certification requires online renewal per PTCB or ExCPT *Cost Not included
Class Duration: 4 Hours once a week for 6 Weeks
Employment Opportunities: Retail, Long-Term Care, Hospital, Pharmacy Computer Software, Drug Wholesalers